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BioGrow LED Brush

BioGrow LED Brush

Give thinning hair the brush-off

Tired of losing it? Keep calm and brush hair serum on. BioGro LED Brush (Hair Serum Applicator) is a multi-function, easy-to-use hair serum applicator brush that evenly distributes serum onto scalp to facilitate delivery of Kizo Lab Follicle Activator Hair Serum. Follicle-energizing tool features LED red light, LED purple light, and 2-speed massage to stimulate scalp and hair



  • Evenly distributes hair serum onto scalp
  • Energizes scalp and hair follicles
  • Addresses hair loss and thinning
  • Anti-inflammatory, scalp-stimulating red and purple LED
  • Directions

    STEP 1: Fill cartridge with Kizo Lab Follicle Activator Hair Serum. Press and hold Power button for 3-4 seconds. Quickly press Mode button twice.

    STEP 2: Starting at hairline, press brush against scalp so teeth are in contact with scalp. Glide brush across scalp from front to back until targeted areas have been covered. Use at least 3 times per week.

    Operate this unit only as described in User Guide. This unit should not be used by pregnant women or individuals with heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, or cerebrovascular disease.

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